The price of black market medical grade cannabis is like, WOAH! The price is astronomical. Most folks cannot afford to pay market price, therefore cannot afford the medicine. Prohibition is the root cause of this ridiculousness. Every piece of the process has an embedded tax determined by the underground. Producing and distributing cannabis is illegal. The entire industry working underground to provide the bag to your dealer is violating federal law. With underground work comes great risk, risk of life and liberty. These risks are very real and we pay for them, literally. Grow supply distributors and retail establishments command a strong price because of the nature of their business. Property owners want more spoils, growers work hard and expect high rewards. The markup compounds on the street. The dealer taxes it, the dealer’s dealer taxes it, and the dealer’s dealer’s dealer taxes it. Depending on how close you are to the source, you can be more or less affected by the price gouging. Ultimately, the result is the most expensive commodity only behind gold and platinum. Typically, small quantities of cannabis are bought and sold by the gram. Twenty bucks will get you the weight of a dollar bill (a gram) in medical cannabis on the street. Do not blame your connection, blame the system. 75 years of prohibition, 75 years of sending suppliers to prison drove up the price. Cannabis is a commodity, in legal commodity markets other robust plants like corn are selling as low as 10 pounds for one US dollar. 10 pounds of medical cannabis bought in bulk may go for more than $20,000, at $20 per gram 10 pounds of medical cannabis costs $90,000. Legalizing cannabis would cause the price to plummet. Users could purchase their affordable medication from a safe and controlled environment instead of dealing with the sometimes unreliable underground market. Furthermore, lower income families using substandard commercial pot would be able to afford high quality medicine. Let’s legalize cannabis because it’s common sense. Let’s give the people a more reliable and affordable way to secure their medicine.



05/21/2015 7:27am

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Really, let’s give the people a more reliable and affordable way to secure their medicine!

06/10/2016 2:22am

I think we souldn't legalize it!

06/10/2016 6:54am

Because of the crisis and greedy business owners.

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